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Most B2B and B2B2C face challenges that have virtually no solution if there is no money, a clear understanding of how to sell, and who to sell to, an understanding of corporate customers or the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Modern accelerators are focused on developing skills that allow the start-ups to competently work with investors.

We see our mission as helping startups where they clearly have the least expertise: in developing their products to prototypes and scalable solutions.

We offer a professional assessment of the needs of future buyers, the options they have available in the respective field and the development of unique selling points that will allow them to stand out from the competition. 


PREPARATION package: baseline evaluation, top-level technical assignment, the prototype, evaluation of the development timing and costs, marketing analysis of similar solutions existing in Russia or in the West.

START package: same as PREPARATION, plus development of a technical solution, beta testing.

PROMOTION package: same as above, plus locating co-investors, promotion on the best platforms.

SUCCESS package: marketing, branding, promotion, selling the finished solution to major corporations.



99% of all startups do not take off. One of the key reasons is the lack of a high-quality product.

We finalize the products, converting our efforts and software development into capital and increasing the chances of positive outcome by an order of magnitude.

We make your money work towards the most important component of the marketing mix: product quality.

Any new venture is a risk, an investment in the team. We mitigate this risk and create an enabling environment for smooth developmen


Dmitry Kostomarov

Background: Philip Morris, Marketing Development Group, Bto/3, Media Arts Group, ADV, Retailor.

Currently Smollan (

Business development and strategy.

Ekaterina Filippova

Background: RosFinMonitoring (currency regulation), Sberbank (HQ, financial monitoring), Action.

 Operations management. 

Vagin Alexey

Background: Philip Morris International, P&G, Wrigley, E.Queo.

ReadyMade: the software development factory 

Vladimir Marinovich

Chairman of the Board, VVERH Business School.

Ex-CEO and shareholder, Get Taxi.

Sergey Lavrukhin

Background: ADV, 2x2 TV, ProfMedia, Onexim.

Yulia Andreychenko

NebO2, Genotek, Ingate, 2gis, Game insight. Specialist for strategic planning and development.

Gavriil Navrotsky


Experience in building distribution systems (route-to-market) and automation.

More than 20 years of management experience in Philip Morris, Baltika (Carlsberg Group), FOSP, Renaissance Credit 

Vlad Dekalov

iD EAST, Ready-Mades, e.Queo.

Business analyst and marketing specialist for HR Helper, Future KAM, mobile and web development projects. 

Ilya Zyryanov

Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco, Astrazeneca, Sibur, InnoPractica.

Director, Center for Competencies and Business Solutions. Specialist in advanced technology usage for education needs at different levels 

Polina Surchalova

Coca-Cola, Philip Morris International, е.Queo.

An acknowledged expert in the development of corporate education systems, employee on-boarding, competency development and assessment using modern technologies. 

Denis Savchenko

New Disk, IC, Samsung. Retail marketing professional. Specialist in building global projects in the area of retail and FMCG.

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