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 establishes direct communication with the front line of any business, eliminating or reducing the need for expensive human intermediaries (line managers) to carry out certain activities. Reduces the time needed for communication. Frees working hours for performing direct job responsibilities. 

HR Helper


The current HR paradigm is built around algorithms predicting how efficient an employee would be. Basically, it is focused on assessing the past experience and résumé-writing skills.

Meanwhile, the only competency that actually guarantees success in the modern world is the ability to adapt, learn and discard the experience that is no longer relevant. HR Helper concentrates the expertise in the area of professional orientation, motivation, professional training for “mass production” of general trades specialists. 

Retail Digital Activator

The meeting point between the interests of the producer and retailer is to maximize the revenue per square meter of retail space. Both parties suffer from high levels of out-of-stock and catastrophic levels of out-of-shelf inventory. Benefits from automated systems, such as JDA, attempting to forecast the most efficient shelf layout, are offset by the low discipline of the employees manning the stores and lack of adequate control instruments. At the same time, producers want to switch from paying for resources to paying for results. 

Sales Digital Activator

Selling many products requires professional consultations. Using human staff is expensive, subject to human error and opinion, and hard to calculate the efficiency. The modern technologies allow combining high-quality consultations with obtaining feedback and creating high conversion into sales with visible results. 

Mr. Wolf

Modern workforce management systems require high degree of standardization when submitting requests. This involves using mobile applications and expensive infrastructure. The project addresses the issue of organizing interaction between users and request execution system via messengers, including payment for the services ordered through the platform. 


The industrial retail market is lagging greatly behind the consumer market trends. Manufacturers lose money with archaic product ordering, logistics planning and shipment management systems. 


Indoor advertising media and activity opportunities presented by retail are not sufficiently engaged in brand development strategies, due to archaic sales methods, lack of objective data on the audience and inability to calculate key performance indicators. At the same time, the marketing and promotion opportunities, including digital ones, have been exhausted for most brands.